We Love Kids! Kids love us!

Giving the child a healthy smile in the formative years of life can lay a sound foundation for future Dental Health.

At Lifeberries Healthcare our Expert Paediatric Dentists provide the best oral care to your child in most relaxing and fun filled environment.

To avoid dental problems in future, according to AAPD (American Academy of Paediatric Dentistry) and ADA (American Dental Association) recommendations, a child's first dental visit should not be later than his / her first birthday (6-12 months).

Trust Our Experts for your Child’s Oral Care

  • Our team of expert Paediatric Dentists in Pune are trained to communicate effectively with your child
  • We put the child at ease so that all his / her apprehensions and fears are taken care and child is relaxed for the treatment.
  • We provide all treatments for kids such as Preventive measures, Fluoride treatment, Pit ‘n’ Fissure sealants, Habit Breaking       Appliances for Thumb Sucking, Tongue Thrusting, Mouth Breathing, Orthodontic care, fillings and all other basic       and Advanced treatments
  • Our Paediatric Dentists put children first in everything they do and provide un-parallel treatment to ensure that they grow up       to be vital, healthy Adults